Should I be feeding a Veteran Balancer?

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Should I be feeding a Veteran Balancer?


It’s an AGE old question (no pun intended..) at what age, should I consider putting my horse on a veteran feed? The answer isn’t a simple one, some horses age much better than others and some require more nutritional support earlier due to diet, workload and lifestyle. We recommend putting your horse onto a Veteran Feed Balancer when they turn 14. Feeding all this essential nutrition early on, will give your horse everything they need to enter their senior years.  It’s true that all horses age at different rates, much like humans, so the most suitable dietary management will depend on the horse or ponies clinical and/ or metabolic status and ability to maintain condition. As with every horse, make sure you make any dietry changes gradually, in order not to upset your horses digestive system.


Why do older horses need more support?


It’s a little known fact, that older horses can struggle to absorb nutrition as well as their younger herd mates, meaning that they won’t get the maximum benefit from the grass and hay you are feeding them. By feeding a tailored Feed Balancer which is made specifically for the needs of an older horse can have a huge impact on their overall health and well-being. The included probiotics in our Feed Balancer are there to boost nutrient absorption and maximise gut health (meaning your horse gets the maximum benefit from their diet)


What is Glucosamine and why do we use it?


Here at HPD, we formulate our Veteran Feed Balancer with Glucosamine, which helps to promote healthy joints and keep Veteran horses moving freely all year round.

Glucosamine is one of the most popular horse joint products on the market and is well studied in both animals and humans. Many people feed Glucosamine separately to help with their horses joints, however by adding this into our Feed Balancer, your horse can be getting all their daily essentials (vitamins, minerals and nutrients) alongside Glucosamine to promote joint health. Glucosamine is the basic building block of all connective tissue. Studies have shown that glucosamine can be effective at slowing cartilage breakdown and can encourage healing.


My horse struggles with his teeth! How can I make eating easier for them?


HPD Veteran Feed Balancer is ideal for horses with compromised dental health as it can be easily soaked to make a mash (with either warm or cold water) It can also be added into a veteran specific chaff, which is usually cut shorter making it easier to chew. It’s totally molasses free and high in fibre, which is IDEAL for a senior horses diet.


I’ve never fed a Feed Balancer, how is it different to other feeds?


Traditionally people would feed their horses straights and then as nutrition advanced, would additionally supplement vitamins and minerals, probitoics, joint supplements ect. Feed Balancers combine all of this nutrition into one bag, so  you get all of this great nutrition in one place. Lots of Veteran feeds are designed to be fed at great volume, whereas with a Feed Balancer like ours, you just need 75g per 100kg of bodyweight per day! This means that you can feed a 500kg horse just 375g per day to ensure they are getting everything that they need – Just add chaff.



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