Why grazing is not enough?

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Spring has sprung, and the grass starts to grow, so that’s it for balancers, right? Wrong!

Regular turnout for horses during the grazing season does have many health benefits for your horse or pony, but what happens when they have a diet of grass alone?

The temptation to cut balancers from your horse's diet when the grass starts to grow is a common misconception, by taking this route your equine friend could be missing out on key vitamins and minerals which are essential for their everyday and long-term health.

Did you know?

  • Feeding a Low Calorie balancer can help your horse or pony to maintain a healthy weight
  • Consuming grass alone will leave your horse or pony deficient in key vitamins and minerals
  • Dramatic weight gain requires the need to restrict grazing, this is when a balancer is key to supporting a healthy horse
  • HPD Low Calorie Balancer is perfect for good-doers, those prone to laminitis and those on box rest.
  • All Horse and Pony Direct feed balancers contain NO whole-cereals or molasses.

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Here is what you DON'T get from grass: 


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 The downsides of grass alone:

  • Grass content changes on an hourly basis with sugar levels fluctuating throughout the day, this can cause upset to a horse’s digestive system exhibiting as negative behaviour, dull coat, scouring or even colic.
  • Spring grass is renowned for being low in magnesium which is why horses and ponies often seem to become more excitable this time of year.
  • Traditionally in the wild horses would have had access to a whole host of forage, including herbs, flowers and plants to fulfil their needs on a daily basis.  Even the best quality grazing in the UK can struggle to replicate this.

My horse puts on weight far too easily in the Spring so I don’t need a balancer, right?

Feeding good-doers can be tricky, but these horses need more support from a balancer than you may realise. As soon as we start to restrict grazing the need for a balancer becomes so much more relevant.  Good doers need a low calorie diet which continues to provide them with a high level of nutrients.

The Solution:

HPD's Low Calorie Balancer is perfect for good-doers, those prone to laminitis and those on box rest.

Balancers contain the correct ratio of vitamins and minerals your horse needs on a daily basis, but also a whole host of beneficial ingredients such as probiotics and supplements to support quality hoof growth, respiration, a healthy immune system, and oils for that super shiny coat, health that shines from the inside out.



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