Phenomenal new product to improve and protect your ponies eyesight.

Our rescue field pony Iris just wasn’t herself, she would just stand by the gate with her eyes shut looking unhappy and depressed. When Iris did go and graze she would be right next to her companion always keeping close to him and not letting him out of her sight.

Iris is 33 years old and looks amazing fed on HPD Veteran Balancer, our vet couldn’t believe her age and after a thorough examination which she passed with flying colours the vet thought it could be her eyesight that was deteriorating with age.

HPD’S research facility at Seewell in Lincolnshire was tasked with helping Iris by developing a product to improve and protect horses and ponies eyesight.

They found the answer almost under their feet. The farm next door had cloned a ‘super carrot’ large and bright orange in colour and high in Beta Carotene. Beta Carotene is a naturally occurring pigment that nourishes the eye. Beta Carotene makes Vitamin A and Vitamin A helps the eye to convert light which then helps you to see better.

With a leading scientist from Cern in Switzerland who was researching light particles using the Hadron Collider, we have developed HPD Eye Eye Feed Balancer, incorporating  compressed high levels of Beta Carotene with Lutein and Zeaxanthin derived from spinach and kale which filters high energy wavelengths to protect the eye against macular degeneration that causes blindness in old age.

We had to find out if the saying ‘carrots can help you see better’ could actually be true.

HPD Eye Eye Feed Balancer was fed to Iris and within six weeks she was back to her old self, shying at everything and bucking and cantering around on her own. Her eyes bright and wide open. We call her our little miracle.


 To find out more about this incredible Feed Balancer go to https://horseandponydirect.com/pages/lpl 




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