Is your horse winter prepared?

Is Your Horse Winter Prepared?

This week we’re talking about winter preparation! With the clocks now turned back for the colder months, horse owners up and down the country will be preparing their fields, stables, yards and horses for the winter.  

Having your horse prepared for winter will ensure that they are going in to winter healthy and will come through the colder months in great condition. There are many factors to consider, including weather, temperature, stable routine, rugs, clipping, mud!

One other vitally important factor to consider as the season changes is your horse’s dietary needs. Often as the temperature drops, your horses feed may need to be upped, to compensate for the lack of forage naturally available to them. Some horses find it hard to hold weight through the winter, even with ad lib hay, and may need extra calories to help promote healthy condition and topline.

 Ensuring your horse or pony has a Feed Balancer in their diet will ensure that they get all the essential vitamins and minerals they need that they won’t be getting from their grass and hay. There are many options to suit different horses, such as a conditioning Performance Feed Balancer or a feed balancer suitable for good doers, such as our Low Calorie Feed Balancer.

 All HPD Feed Balancers contain a probiotic digestive aid to help boost nutrient absorption levels and ensure that your horse or pony gets the maximum benefit of their diet. They also all contain a hoof supplement, to promote the healthy growth of strong hooves.

Winter can be a particular struggle for our older equines, who don’t cope as well-being stabled and can get stiff in the colder weather. Feeding your horse a specific Veteran Feed Balancer which contains a tailored nutritional package just for them, with the added benefit of a Joint Supplement to keep them sound and moving freely. ­­­­­­­­­­

 HPD Feed Balancers are everything your horse needs on a daily basis in one, cost-effective 15kg bag.

All our feed balancers are available at a discounted rate on our flexible subscription package, to find out more please click hereIf you want to give our 5* balancers a try, please use code: Winter5 for £5 off your first subscription order! Don't miss out! Limited time only!                                    



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