Why Feeding Your Horse A Balancer Is Vital?

Why is it essential to feed your horse a Feed Balancer?

Naturally, wild horses would travel up to 20 miles a day in search of food and water. Because of this, the horses have huge access to a wide variety of grasses and plants which enables them to naturally ‘balance’ their diet, and self-select what they need.

Fast forward to modern day, domesticated horses would rarely have access to this type of foraging behaviour, and are often confined to much smaller acreage. As a result of this, we are then responsible for providing our horse with all the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients that horses need, and will unlikely be obtaining from their pasture and hay.

A Feed Balancer contains all the essentials that your horse needs, in a molasses free (low sugar) formula, and because of this, they are suitable for a wide range of horses, including those who are prone to Laminitis, Gastric Ulcers and other conditions which are influenced by feed.

I feed a mix/cube/chaff, does my horse not get enough from his current diet?

It is unlikely that your chaff, mix or cube will provide your horse with all the essentials that they need. If you check the feeding guidelines for your feed, it is not uncommon to see that you would need to feed up to 5kg of chaff per day (that’s ¼ of a regular bag a day!) to ensure that they are getting all the essentials they need. Mixes and Cubes are often less, but still in the region of 2-3kg per day, which is a huge volume of feed. Horses are trickle feeders and are not set up to deal with this volume of feed. They benefit hugely from being fed little and often, as they would naturally, which is why a Feed Balancer is ideal as part of your horses' diet.

What makes HPD Feed Balancers unique?
Our Feed Balancers contain the best quality ingredients at the lowest price. We only supply direct to customers and always pass on the savings to you.

Choose from our range of feed balancers above and give your horse a healthy and balanced diet from only 50p per day.
HPD Feed Balancers are available in five different formulations which are ideal for a range of horses and ponies, if you are unsure on which would be the best feed balancer for your horse, you can fill out the nutritional form on our website, and we will recommend which Feed Balancer would best suit your horse or pony.



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