Calming Supplement (1kg)
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  • Less spooky, increases concentration
  • Easier to deal with for vet, farrier, dentist visits etc
  • Less nervous travelling and at competitions
  • Calmer during box rest
  • Better able to cope with new situations

Calming Supplement for horses with Magnesium, L-Tryptophan and Peppermint. Horse and Pony Direct aims to provide the best value calming supplement for horses and ponies that you will find. Only using the highest quality, most effective ingredients. The Horse and Pony Direct Calming Supplement will help keep your horse or pony calm in stressful situations.

Feeding guide:


Horse and Pony Direct Calming Supplement is added to your horse or pony’s regular feed in the amounts below:
*Horse = 30g/day (pack lasts 33 days)
*Pony = 20g/day (pack lasts 50 days)


Key ingredients:


– Magnesium sulphate (900mg/ 30g scoop), well known as a calming agent for nervous horses. Magnesium is essential for the nervous system and assists muscles to relax. When stressed, horses quickly use up their stores of this essential mineral
– L-tryptophan (300mg/ 30g serving), an essential amino acid and a precursor in the production of serotonin, the “feelgood” or anti-stress hormone
– Antioxidant vitamin B3 (Niacin) (300mg/ 30g scoop), essential for optimal protein and energy utilisation
– Peppermint (300mg/ 30g scoop), which has a soothing effect.
– Flavoured with natural apple to enhance palatability
– Dried alfalfa meal base



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