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Concentrated Low Calorie Feed Balancer for over-weight horses and ponies.

Horse and Pony Direct’s Low Calorie Feed Balancer provides a high level of nutrients, whilst being very low in calories, making it the perfect feed balancer for over-weight horses and ponies, good-doers, horses and ponies prone to laminitis and those on box-rest (who have lower calorie requirements) . All Horse and Pony Direct feed balancers contain NO whole-cereals or molasses.

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  • Includes a probiotic and prebiotic
  • Improves digestion and nutrient uptake
  • Promotes healthy coat and skin
  • Aids overall health and well being
  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Improved ability to deal with stress

Why are Horse and Pony Direct feed balancers cheaper than other feed balancers?

Because Horse and Pony Direct only supplies feed balancers direct to the public the prices do not include distributor, wholesaler and retailer mark ups. These savings are passed on to you, our customers. The feed balancers themselves are made with the same high quality ingredients that you will find in other, more expensive feed balancers. Our aim is to make the best value feed balancers that you can buy, and if you are not 100% satisfied we have a money back guarantee.


What is a concentrated feed balancer?


Horse and Pony Direct feed balancers are 25% more concentrated than standard feed balancers, meaning that a 15kg bag of a Horse and Pony Direct feed balancer is the equivalent of a 20kg bag of a standard feed balancer. Feed balancers include a high percentage of wheat-feed and oat-feed, which do not offer benefits to the horse or pony.  At Horse and Pony Direct we made the percentage of active ingredients to wheat/oat-feed higher, so your horse or pony gets the same amount of active ingredients whilst being fed 25% less cereal. This enables us to keep the price down, as we save on haulage and storage, and these savings are reflected in the price.


Key benefits:


– Includes a probiotic and prebiotic
– Improves digestion and nutrient uptake
– Promotes healthy coat and skin
– Aids overall health and well being
– Supports a healthy immune system
– Improved ability to deal with stress


*Feeding guide:


Horse and Pony Direct Feed Balancers can be fed on their own or added to any feeding regime.

Feeding amounts:


Under 12.2hh (128cm): 200g per day (sack lasts 75 days)
12.3hh (130cm) to 14.2hh (148cm): 300g per day (sack lasts 50 days)
14.3hh (150cm) to 16.3hh (170cm): 400g per day (sack lasts 37 days)
Over 16.3hh (170cm+): 500g per day (sack lasts 30 days)


Feed at 75g per 100kg of bodyweight.
A typical coffee mug contains approx 200g
One sack lasts a 500kg horse 40 days.
Please weigh to check the amount being fed.
A typical 500kg horse should be fed 375g.
Do not exceed 150g per 100kg of bodyweight.
Introduce gradually over several days.
Hard feed quantities may be able to be reduced when adding a balancer to the diet.
Ensure a minimum daily forage intake of 1.5kg per 100kg of bodyweight and ensure that fresh drinking water is available at all times.
For equine use only. Not to be fed to sheep or goats.


Key ingredients:


– Whole cereal and molasses free for super-low starch and sugar and calorie levels to assist with managed weight loss
– EU licensed probiotic yeast to aid digestion and to help maintain optimum digestive health. The yeast also helps to reduce the levels of acids in the hind gut
– A prebiotic to aid gut health and to encourage the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria
– Natural apple flavour to ensure palatability
– Linseed and soya oils for glossy coat and healthy skin
– Biotin and organic zinc for hoof health
– Magnesium to help keep horses and ponies settled and stress free
– Selenium and vitamin C for enhanced antioxidant protection
– A full complement of vitamins and minerals to balance a forage-only diet
– L-carnitine and chelated/organic manganese to help with the metabolism of fat

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